Sunday, May 6, 2012

My Silver Tray Wall

Hello, there! Surprised to see me, aren't you? I know. I'm sorry. These past few months have been. . .full. Of various things. But life is back to normal and so am I and I'm ready to plunge back into the world of blogging!

Today I want to share what I did to the wall in my living room. It's the wall directly across from the front door and your eye immediately goes to it. But it's always been empty. I could never figure out what to do to it. Until, that is, I started lurking around blogland. The possibilities were endless! In the end, this is what I did:
My mom and I found a ton of silver trays of various sizes and shapes at thrift stores and flea markets. Can you believe people are actually giving this stuff to Goodwill! What are they thinking?! I polished them up somewhat but I didn't want them to be too bright; I like their patina.
I put my favorite piece in the center and placed two small round trays on the top and bottom; two heart-shaped trays on a diagonal; and two small oval trays on the other diagonal. I couldn't get a good closeup pic. Sorry.
When I bought them, I didn't know how I was going to put them up on the wall. But the solution was really easy; I just used some 3M double-sided tape. Some of the pieces are a little heavy but I just cut off a strip that was appropriate to the weight of the piece and up it went! I love it! They need a little tweaking--the smaller pieces are a little too far apart, they need to be a little closer together--but I love the way they look! What do you think?

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